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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2353 Tangtang Takes After Mommy! fortunate stiff
Ye Wanwan’s eyeballs brightened. She was overfilled with joy. “Hahaha, you’re proper, little one. My baby’s EQ clearly can take just after mine!”
Tangtang behaved pretty loyally and responded, “I found out my own self.”
Ye Wanwan gently explained, “That’s perfect! In fact, your granddad and the other folks misinterpreted. Your grandmother is… millimeters, she has some complications with her EQ. She just doesn’t look like straightforward to go along with, but she’s actually a good particular person!”
Ye Wanwan was amazed. “Paternal Grandma?”
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Ye Wanwan’s speech converted as mild as standard water immediately. “h.e.l.lo, child?”
Lin Que’s encounter darkened. “I spoke with you for so long, nevertheless, you won’t even give me a cupful of teas and they are kicking me out this way? You chuck me away when you first don’t will need me nowadays? Aren’t you as well heartless?!”
“Granddad advised me.”
Tangtang: “Mommy…”
Ye Wanwan was shocked. “Paternal Grandma?”
Ye Wanwan rubbed her forehead exasperatedly and hastily mentioned, “Don’t hear their nonsense. It’s completely untrue. Mommy didn’t get bullied, and Grandmother isn’t that terrifying. Grandmother is rather nice and pleasures Mommy very well.”
“Grandfather advised me.”
When Ye Wanwan heard Lin Que sharing with her about Si Yehan’s child years, she was utterly surprised.
Tangtang: “Mommy…”
Tangtang extra, “I additionally been told it from Grandpa and Grandma…”
The little fella did actually wait for a moment before worriedly saying, “No. Tangtang is just worried about Mommy… Mommy, will there be another person bullying you?”
The small fella did actually be afraid for just a moment before worriedly stating, “No. Tangtang is actually worried about Mommy… Mommy, could there really be an individual bullying you?”
Tangtang included, “Also i noticed it from Grandfather and Grandma…”
Ye Wanwan without delay replied, “Naturally! Would Mommy rest to you personally?”
Si Yehan was removed of nearly all of the goodness from this community. She didn’t would like to allow Tangtang inherit these undesirable inner thoughts or tolerate resentment and concern.
Tangtang added, “I also noticed it from Grandfather and Grandma…”
Ye Wanwan tried using her best to make herself just forget about Yin Yuerong’s chilly encounter and uttered those ideas with issues.
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One particular expression from Mommy and Tangtang quickly sold out Uncle, Grand daddy, and Grandmother.
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Tangtang resolved without delay, “That’s proper. Grandma is rather indicate as well as alarming and won’t let you be with Daddy. And she’s bullying Mommy.”

Thank goodness, Baby Tangtang was very easy to pacify and would consider every thing she claimed. He obediently guaranteed her: “Millimeters, Mommy, Tangtang comprehends. Tangtang won’t hear other people’s nonsense ever again.”
The tiny fella appeared to hesitate for a moment before worriedly declaring, “No. Tangtang is actually concered about Mommy… Mommy, could there really be someone bullying you?”
Lin Que: “…” She actually spotted through that? Okay, you win!
“So good…” As Ye Wanwan said that, she considered a thing and suddenly felt slightly unnerved and sighed. “Ay, Toddler, Mommy’s really thinking about your near future EQ… imagine if you inherited your dad’s and your grandmother’s EQ? What would we do…”
Lin Que: “…” She actually observed through that? High-quality, you gain!
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Si Yehan was removed of nearly all of the goodness with this planet. She didn’t prefer to let Tangtang inherit these undesirable thoughts or settle for resentment and worry.
Ye Wanwan frowned seriously. “Eh? Who informed you this nonsense?”
Tangtang immediately comforted her with virtually no reluctance: “Don’t get worried, Mommy! Tangtang will take soon after Mommy!”
When Ye Wanwan listened to Lin Que showing her about Si Yehan’s younger years, she was utterly astonished.

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